Our service department aims to develop a long term, mutually-beneficial partnership, while optimizing equipment operation and cost reduction. Our service technicians are experienced, giving a peace of mind that expert and effective technicians are servicing your equipment.


We specialize in troubleshooting problems, as well as replacement and renovations to upgrade existing HVAC systems.


Our services include but are not limited to the following:


•  Chillers

•  Boilers

•  Piping

•  Package RTU’s

•  Split Systems

•  Pumps

•  Makeup Air

•  Data Room A/C

•  Frequency Drives

•  Controls

•  Energy Management

•  Radiant Heat

•  Snow Melt Systems





  • Boilers

     Stingray Mechanical Services provides repair, maintenance and replacement of commercial/industrial boilers. Our boiler preventative maintenance programs consist of water side, fire side and low water cut off cleaning and inspection, flue gas analysis, burner controls check, boiler tube replacement and much more.

  • Chillers

    Stingray provides complete overhauls, and repairs for all types of chillers: including oil analysis, valve plate inspection, cleaning, shaft seal inspections and starter overload calibration.

  • Rooftop Units

    Stingray works to keep your rooftop units running at their peak efficiencies. Service includes condenser and evaporator coil cleaning, compressor, refrigerant and controls check, inspection of heat exchangers, and gas leak check with electronic leak detection.

  • Sheet Metal Services

    Stingray offers a comprehensive sheet metal service where tradesmen work hand in hand. Our service includes thoroughly knowledgeable tradesmen in all types of material.